Sound Bath Audio Experience!

Oneness Gong Master Karyn Diane – Presents “Dare to Imagine Love” and “The Labyrinth of Your Heart”, Sound Bath recordings to assist you on your journey to Wholeness, Love and Joy.
Benefits: Calms Mind: Improves Sleep; Reduces Stress; Strength Immune System; Rejuvenates Mind-Body; Supports Heart and Mind Coherence; Balance; Wellness.                     
Find yourself a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable into a relaxed position and then click to listen with your eyes shut.  Enjoy!
Karyn Diane’s Sound Healing Gong Bath is a magnificent consciousness shifting experience and one that I highly recommend.  ~Elizabeth C.
I was truly amazed, Karyn Diane. Your meditation was a very Beautiful and Powerful Journey. . .  The sound effects produced were beyond anything I would have imagined and the state of mind produced was mystical, transcendent and deeply meditative. I would recommend it to anyone interested in meditation, natural health or spirituality.   ~Dr.  Doug T
“Dare to Imagine Love” and “The Labyrinth of Your Heart” by Karyn Diane Oneness Gong Master.
Click below to begin:

“Dare To Imagine Love”

“The Labyrinth of Your Heart”

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A Special Meditation for Finding Peace, by Rev. Denise:

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Healing Sessions

  • Reiki Sessions are available by appointment with Reverend Carol Ricketts, Reiki Master 602-677-2023, or with Barbara Kramer, Reiki Master 602-920-1119

  • Silent Unity Prayer Meditations Sessions are offered on Sunday from 9:00am – 9:30am with Reverend Denise Landes.

    These healing modalities are offered to the public for a love offering.


Reiki Sessions Offered by Appointment

What is Reiki? Reiki is universal energy that the practitioner flows through the hands to promote energy balancing and opportunities for healing and meditation. Each session begins and ends with a silent Reiki prayer and ends with a silent gratitude prayer. Individual appointments for 40 minute Reiki sessions continue to be offered beginning at  9:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. An appointment is necessary. Contact the Reiki Master below and set up your appointment. A Love offering is accepted.

Reverend Carol Ricketts, Reiki Master

An appointment is Necessary.

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