Men of Unity 

There is no Men of Unity Group meeting at this time.

“God created all men for a purpose. Our desire is for every man to reach and complete that purpose. We are sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers who have a love for Christ and a passion for becoming the men He wants us to be. We want to grow relationships with other Godly men so we can help each other in our walk with Christ. It is about being REAL with each other”.    ~ Marvin Ross

At our last brunch, we discussed the number of requests for help that the Men of Unity had received through the Wings program. We were all surprised that the total was so small. We are not going around advertising for work but we do want you to know we are available to help out with small jobs. Just fill out the request form and submit it to Reverend Mary Dunn and she will see that it gets to the correct person or group to help with the solution.

Check our schedule in the latest newsletter or call the Unity office at (602) 625-7510, and plan on coming to brunch with us. Bring a friend to join the relaxed time with us all.

See you there!